A dream weekend


Here is Lily on monday, after I had to get her from nursery – full of mischief as normal. Right now, she is snoozing and me and my big chica  are snuggling on the sofa.

We have been rather busy this morning (when havent we?!),got dropped off up at the hospital at 8.20am as Maiabus had an appointment to see the physio, which is part of her treatment for JIA. Thankfully, even she could give Maia an ok stamp, and we were sent on our merry way. Dear first born did us very proud, remembering her manners and thanking the lady very much for the ring she got to choose from the box of goodies, without me having to prompt her. And when she then gave her a hug to say thanks and bye bye at the end, I melted a little more! Its an incredible feeling, being proud of your children.

Friday has come round again, quickly as usual. The first week back at work has ended well, even if it didnt start so. The house is getting a good tidy today and the ironing is being done later. It’s going take a few weeks I think to get into a new routine with the housework, now that I am not at home all the time. Boring eh!

If I could wave my magic wand, and get a proper wage again, I would love to go out and stock up on crafty bits. I want to make a picture with fabric and drift wood, I want to buy some black frames and take some photos of me, Mark and the girls, but seperately and make a wall collage. Id like to make some more of my own candles with the jars that I have. Get my own knitting needles and crochet hooks and plenty of wool in all the colours possible, and a cute wooden basket, pale yellow painted with little dainty flowers , to store it in. Next to my open fire, in my sunken into the floor snug filled with pillows and throws. With views out to the coast in one direction, and to the forest in the other. Perhaps a bit of John Mayer playing in the background. IRL. At least I can dream 😉

What would your dream weekend look like?


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