It started off like any other Sunday, except that is wasnt. No, indeed. The Wilsons were divided, the mamma and daddy at home, and kidlets with the grandparents. It would appear that the parents had a pressing engagement elsewhere, rather last minute the night previous , how very, very unusual

.After getting back from picking children up, it was time for lunch then a nap for Lily. As per usual, Maia takes chill out time since she stopped sleeping, and her new favourite place to cosy on down is mamma’s new chair.


Just after settling children to sleep and rest, we gets a phone call from the JG’s coming over for an impromptu fika. Right, well the place looked like a bomb had gone off, so we had a quick tidy up and whipped up a sockerkaka marbled with blueberry jam.

We then settled with Maia in the living room and watched Pippi Långstrump. The JGs were running a litlte late. Maia had abondoned the comfy chair, and chosen instead to lie on the floor. One could start to question why we got such  a large sofa…


… but instead I lay next to my husband, feeling a bit worse for wear after the previous evenings shenanigans, and was rather pleased I didnt have to deal with the chinese laundromat that had taken over our bedroom.

Once the JG’s left, the day ran away. No sooner had JG’s pulled off the drive, do the Watt’ses phone and say they are heading out to Holmsund to go to the Tropik Hus and would we like to meet them there. Well yes of course! Coats on, drop mother back home (the parents had turned up during fika with dinner that was to be cooked at ours) and we left Grandad watching the TV minding the chicken in the oven. Unfortunately, the Tropik Hus wasnt a hit with Maia, who was terrified bless her. She did like the monkeys and thought it fab that they had dummies hanging in their trees though, and the dead butterflies pinned on the wall. Blubblerblies are all the rage atm.

Now the littlest Wilsons are snoozing, the laundry is sorted, more washing done and hung and Mark watching TV: I had planned to paint my nails, but an early night will serve me better methinks. A new week starts tomorrow and I am ready to go! Work-cobwebs have gone and we’re hitting the road running here peeps. Your life is what you make it, and mine is good right now ❤





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