a new addition

Here is my latest bargain, or rather mother’s as she got it for me. We both regularly enjoy going to the big second hand shop Returbutiken in town – where I got the chest & desk amongst  other things. Fancy my luck being as it is and stumbling upon a 50% off sale and seeing this beauty for only 125kr, and ending up getting it for 62kr. How excited was I!? There was another, smaller and slightly different shaped one there too, but alas having the parentals car we could not fit two chairs in. Shame really, it would have started my collection for chairs to go around the dining table.

Right now I actually have two girls asleep (I’ll be kicking myself tonight letting M have a rest but she is shattered and took herself to bed) and I’m going to grab some lunch and make up the a kanelbulle dough to rise as I catch up on Downton Abbey and do some crochet too. I have a task set to do at least 4 more squares towards my throw this month. Not alot but enough for the moment I think, what with trying to get on track with housework routines that fit in with working three days a week and not spending 2 days off cleaning when I am meant to enjoy my time with the kids.


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