sunday summary

This was Autumn, at her best, a few weeks ago. This week, she’s not been putting on the best front, and frankly one could be thinking she’s been PMS:ing with the amount of rubbish weather we’ve been having. The kids have been loving it though, traipsing off to nursery with their wellies and rain gear on, splish splashing in puddles. Like the mamma has needed an excuse to get the wellies out, polka dot I’ll have you know. Yes, I have lived in them this week, they are flippin comfy, practical and stylish in my eyes. You can never go wrong with polkadots.

Im finding myself missing having time for the blog and having time to potter around at home. I have taken a grand total of 3 pictures this week. THREE!…and they were from this morning. The crocheting is making me a bit manic, its all go go go, trying to do one a day, but it takes me almost 3hours start to finish, though I cant fathom how. It isnt like they are ginormous, but they arent piddly either. Heck, I will take a 4th photo of the day and show you:

Ok so excuse the bad quality. The piddly one is about the size normally done for these blankets like what I am doing. I say normally, only as that is what I have seen. I thought I would make it easier for myself and do big’uns. The thing is, I need 70. At least. Put it this way, if I am done for Christmas, I will be happy. Anyhoo. It’s Marks birthday today!

This was our team effort in making breakfast for the daddy in bed. Lilypops was trying to snooze, having gotten up at 4.20am & Maia who still felt sluggish wanted me to make up a bed on the floor in the kitchen – anything for an easy life hehe. It’s been a rather down played birthday this year, Mr W has wanted to take it easy, with little fuss and pomp. Instead, the day was spent at another handsome chappys birthday, little Charliebear who turns 2 tomorrow. All in all, the weekend has been quiet, batteries recharged and lots of quality time had with the people that matter.


Tomorrow morning we’re going to the dentist with Maia for the first time. Well its not really, she did have a special trip to see the dentist people at the hospital to check her jaw joint because of her arthritis, but this is a normal trip as it were. Great way to start the week, with a sticker and a big cheesy grin!


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