happy days

Friday graces us with her ever wonderful presence and lush chilled out vibe, and the Wilsons are happy to lap it up. The week has taken an unexpected turn, thanks to a simple 2 minute phone call – Mamma has got herself an extra little job!

Having no option but to go self-employed at such short notice as I had, pennies are tight. The first week I applied for several jobs, and to be honest I had given up hope on getting even as much as a polite email from anywhere. Its been 6 weeks after all. Yet on monday, a life line was thrown and I have now done job training and do my first shift on Saturday! You are now looking at the newest check out girl at Coop, all excited about wearing her green shirt and earning some dollar.

So what with being extra busy being at the salon, and doing training at Coop, kids at nursery and Mark working too, its been a rather boring week event wise for us. Today the height of excitement is going out for a walk in the fresh 2C we have. Bright sunshine and that crisp feel and smell in the air is a real boost to my mood I’ll have you know. Yesterday, Lily actually went into the wintersuit for the first time this year, and I am debating whether to stick Maia in her thick winter trousers today with a lighter coat when we go out as Im worried about the cold getting to her joints. The lower the mercury falls, the more I fret about waking up one morning to a stiff and sore Maia. Another thing to add to the list…

I’ve probs said this before, but the only silver lining with this stress business is losing weight, and I am now only half a stone away from my target despite not having gotten on that exercise bike since the middle of August. Penny-pinching and not buying any sweets and treats is working great too –  if I am that desperate for a sugar hit I have to get on with it and make it from scratch, and by the time it is done that sugar craving is gone. Genius! Oh, and my blanket is coming on a treat, only another 59 squares to go 😉

Time to get crackin’ and start out day by getting out of pjs. A lie in for me until 7.10am is making me feel somewhat lazy now that it is almost 8.30am and nothing is done. But hey, its Friday and things are looking up for us financially. Nothing to stress about today, no musts and needs (well maybe to get milk), just me, my girls and life to live. Happy days!


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