another unexpected phone call

So, lets roll it back to Saturday gone. I had my first shift at the Coop, opening until 15.00. Busy and intense sitting at the tills, a near constant flow of people made for a very tired brain. Unbeknownst to me, backstage the phone was going hot. A husband and a Linda trying to get hold of me, good news and excitement bursting forth in a flurry of words. A new job opportunity has arisen – could I speak with someone now? Meet them tomorrow, and maybe start on Monday? I had nothing to lose…but my appetite.

So dear friends, I ended up with two new jobs within one week. Imagine that. Wait for one bus, two come at once! And here I now sit in bed, shattered, drained and desperate for more sleep – just as it should be. This is after all, my first full working week since July 2011.

What is this job then? Teaching my trade at a school in town. Having jumped in feet first not knowing how to swim, this week has gone over and above my expectations. A well done and super job from the boss always sits nice. Very nice indeed! This evenings lesson planning for tomorrow – when I have a few visits to make to students on placements – went better than last nights planning, which in turn was a little easier than the night before. I have a work laptop, very handy that too. And that nervous oh-my-god-I-feel-so-sick feeling has passed when driving to town and pulling in to my parking space. I have even managed to eat both my lunch and dinner today.

I have been too busy at school to even think of food, and by the time I do, its almost home time and I have missed the canteen. Im very grateful for the lovely cook who comes to see me every morning to remind me to come eat, and then she laughs at my startled expression when I realise I have forgotten when she sees me on her way home. I think the reason I felt hungry today was because that lump of nervous energy was gone. I have crackin’ students, very willing and keen that just need a little whippin’ up to shape. We’ve hit the ground running and end this week with a fashion show on saturday – the not so fab thing is needing to be in school for 7am on a saturday morning, but hey ho, there could be worse things to be doing.




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