a day off

…because I am on half term! The second new job, teaching, is going fab. Very hard work behind the scenes, trying to figure out the previous teachers organisation and notes and unscrambling what her maternity cover re-jiggled about to something that makes sense to me and is use-able to me is a pain in the bottom. The Classroom side of things, is going pretty good considering. I am happy, the students happy, the headmaster happy. Goody good good.

A lot of things have been left by the way side these past few weeks, blogs have been neglected, I havent done a thing with my crochet, clothes washing routine non- existant still – to name a few. I have however, found time to organise the hall and move some things around, changed the dining furniture so it now looks like this


..and here’s a rarely seen view in the other direction, dishes and all haha. Now it would just suit me wonderfully if I was to stumble upon one of those kitchen sofas for a steal of a price (because I dont want to wait until pay day in nov to get one, me want it now!). Other things that I believe are in *need* once pay day arrives again is a light to go in the corner with the sofa in the living room.


That corner is rather dark is it not? I’m not much for having the ceiling light on, I’d rather have lots of little lights to create a mood. Fuddy duddy that I am. So far I have toyed with getting lights what go on the wall, think hotel bedroom. But then, I have two kids already obsessed with the ones in our bedroom and I dont think a light like that would last five minutes. Second,  I have thought about getting a light that just kinda stands in the corner, but is kinda interesting at the same time

Hmmm it is rather difficult. I will need to consult the husband, but we have totally different tastes and opinions for the most part. Thankfully, he knows its best to leave me and let me get on with nesting haha. Its a constant job, and not just assigned for when you are pregnant. Perhaps, this is what I should do in my next life, a proffessional nester. Or in jargon, Interios Designer haha 😉

Hope you all wonderful people are happy & healthy and doing what makes you smile. That is what I/we are doing today ❤



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