By golly…


…its been ages since my last post. Hectic, happy, somewhat stroppy, and chilled, would best describe the pace of life right now. You will have gathered by now that life is busy. So lets just put a line thru all that crap and talk about something else.


Foolishly, last night I slept with some rollers in my hair, thinking I would be saving time in the morning, and achieve bouncy beautiful effortless curls. The thing is, I always leave it too long in between and forget how much I hate trying to sleep looking like a demented housewife from the 50’s. I even wore a hair net, talk about sex appeal! What made it even more of a pain, was that when M came skuttling in at 4am (thankyouplease but FAR too early love, unless u go back asleep) she was most fascinated wanting to pull and poke at the weird things in my hair. My bet is we would both have been blissfully snuggled up asleep next to the daddio had I gone to bed normal.

Tomorrow when I finish work I am heading to town to get some cool wrapping paper to make Maia’s birthday bunting, like Lily’s , and buy myself a new eyeliner and mascara. Thanks to my gorgeous girlies and the germs that abound, I have had a stupid annoying eye infection and have been forced to go makeup-less at work the past two days.  Oh I loathe it, when people have to see me in a way I  would rather they did not. Dont get me wrong, I’m all for a bit of casuality, but I actually enjoy putting my face on, getting dressed up and looking smart. Being unmade just feels wholly inappropriate for work, but then maybe that is just me, or the line of work I am in…hmm.

Oh I am rather glad that it is friday tomorrow, because I am really looking forward to seeing our friends, eating cake and drinking lots of tea. I’ve missed them lots! But for now, I am heading to bed the kitchen, to do the dishes and then bed. Tired and grumpy is what I am. G’night!


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