a wiff of brie

Oh I do love a mucky face after tea – nothin’ shows appreciation like gobbling dinner in 0.2 seconds. I may jinx myself now, but I do consider myself lucky that I havent ever had to force or become tricksy with getting food into our girls. They love food as much as each other, cheesy and Stepfordy as that sounds.
There be a reason for the cheese dear friends, and it is this : Parents Evening.

Parents Evening was on thursday. I took myself off up the road, shuffling as to not slip on the frost, quite looking forward into some in depth feedback on how the girls are doing. Its easy to perceive things one way, when really it may be another, and I’d half been fearing I was seeing things in a way to ease the motherly conscience. It sucks dropping the kids off and letting them eat breakfast with someone else, sucks big time. But anyways… there was a lot of nitter-nattering about about all sorts, how Maia’s language skills are developing, training Lily to eat with a spoon (she deems it inferior to her hands that are by far more efficient at getting food in her mouth) and we happened upon the subject of how M & L interact with each other.

Something I have never thought about, is how an older sibling may feel more protective over the younger, or the younger seeking security with the older, the older whom in both cases actually takes on a lot of responsibility. Gaaaahhh! How could I not have thought of that? Was Maia feeling stressed having Lily there, I know she cries when I leave them? But actually, they are quite alright with the whole thing. There’s a fab little group of girls all around the same age and its the biggest cuddlefest when they are all together, and they always seem to be playing so nicely when I go to pick M&L up. Lily being the age she is, kinda does her own thing and floats around them, and else she is mostly running from one place to another pulling things out of drawers and boxes, but every now and then her and Maia seek out each other, have a little cuddle and go off and play again. Happy & secure little things, bless them.

This of course means that they are so perfectly happy with each other that they never fight, push or wind each other up, steal things, hit with things and bicker like normal kids. HA! as if… but I will admit this, I did for a second or two feel so proud when the teacher said how  they are so lovely towards one another yet not needy,  that I forgot the above mentioned normal sibling behaviour and felt that I truly did have the most angelic cherubs in the world. Lovely few moments there.

The thing is, and here’s another cheesefest to keep in with the theme today, its no dance on roses having children, yet I couldnt and wouldnt be without them. For every tantrum and tear, there are cuddles and smiles to melt your heart, and as they grow and develop, so does the love you feel as a parent. That one wiffs of extra strong blue, does it not? 😉


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