green eyed monster

Y’know what, sometimes I am such a muppet. I can sit on facebook, not really doing anything but being nosy at other peoples lives ( I mean what else is it *really* for?) and I can feel twinges of envy.

On the newsfeed last night, it popped up from an old school friend about how they and another school chum were heading off on some cool trip. Oh but I want one of those!

A very substantial number have already been to see Breaking Dawn, and now belong to some secret society that I am no-part of. It doesnt matter that I read the bloody books, or that I actually read Breaking Dawn in one sitting, 12h15mins to be precis. Yes I am proud of that, and it somewhat makes up for my inability to make it to the cinema. 

Others, win money on the lottery. I never do! …but I dont play either so go figure

A few show off grand purchases, clothes, shoes, holidays etc. Two things prickle me here, firstly that I see clothes as a grand and extravagant purchase nowadays and then the fact that these people seem to have so much more money than me – wholly unfair.

But If I take a step back, stop being all green eyed and stuffs, I realise these people dont get to do what I do. They dont get to wake up with a warm cuddly Maia in bed with them. They dont get to kiss my gorgeous husband, or feel that awesome needed happy feeling when I go to get Lily & her arms stretch out for me from the cot. They dont get to do the funs things I do, playing in the snow in the winter, enjoying the midnight sun, and rambling for mushrooms and berries in the autumn. They dont get to fika with incredible friends that I would find myself totally lost without, just as much as I dont get to go on a shopping spree, jet of to heavenly beaches or go to the cinema.

But what it may be easy to forget, is that they dont have to deal with all the rubbish that having a family can entail either, or how it impacts living so far away from the majority of your extended family, or missing friends you have had for years. Its too easy to see just the stage and forget about the behind the scenes moments when you shake with frustration and tears sting your eyes because you are helpless.Or you literally cry over spilled milk as the pennies are a little tight.

When the green eyed monster rears its ugly head, and you wonder why everyone else seem to have it better than you, keep this in mind :



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