There are two things in life i can guarantee you : when its my turn for a lie in i will be awake by  7am,kinda like now.

And, when on a date with hubster i will get a headache and want to come home to bed. Very befitting of a 25 year old who ought to have a little spark left in  her at least. My dear other half so kindly pointed out that if i am like this now, what wont i be like in ten years?

I counter that with the fact we will actually have a teenager in ten years time and the kids more capable of gettin themselves breakfast and we can allow ourselves more time in bed and maybe a hangover now and then.

Anyhoo,gonna drag my aged self up,pop some painkillers and get ready for a day of christmas shopping and later decorate the house. Theres a storm been ragin outside and no snow so xmas tunes it is and we will all  be feelin festive in no time 😉


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