Every night when i go to kiss the girls goodnight, im stricken with pain. To see my darlings so achingly beautiful & snoozin peacefully sends waves of love all over me to the point i feel like i am going to burst. Its enough sometimes to make me well up. No matter how horrid a day we may have had, a goodnights kiss and sniff of my lovelied wipes the slate clean and i can go to my bed relaxed.

Tonight is one of them nights were it has hit me a little harder just how intense my feelings towards the girls are. when the weight of the responsibility as a parent hits and you kneel for the pressure and in the same breath you feel as light as a feather for the happiness your children bring you. Gosh, its bloomin hard to explain that feeling!?

I wish that one day, Maia and Lily will feel as I do towards them and have their own families. I am very much looking forward to the journey there, but right now, the most important thing is sleep at Casa Wilson.  A busy week at work and home- and i forsee the weekend following suit- means I ought to get back in the black in the sleep account. Plus, its my turn to deal with any extra early wake up calls so you can almost predict what will happen… 😉


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