when bad really is good (?!)


Oh what a terrible mother I am. Here’s me, sat at home, back a little earlier from work having had a doctors appt, and I havent gotten the girls yet. Terrible, terrible mother. Someone call the social quick.

I cant even say I’ve been very efficient. Infact, I have made myself some tea, mooched about online, and am gonna have another cuppa tea before I head off once I am done here. There isnt an ounce of guilt in me at all – I bloody need this half an hour to MYSELF. Y’know, I cant even remember the last time I had any time to myself to do just this…to do nothing.

At the moment, both M&L are clingy, whingy and what I would generalise as a pain in the bottom. There isnt nowt what could be wrong, other than the fact there arent enough hours in the day for me to try and please them. They whinge from when they wake up, until I drop them at nursery where they run giggling away from the cloakroom with their friends. The second they see me at nursery, that droning sound starts off again and the staff cant quite understand what has happened to the happy playful kids they’ve had all day.

A colleague told me something reassuring today, when I was lading her with my load (she’s a psychology teacher so obv knows the subject, and may now think  twice about asking me ‘Whats up?’ again…) and apparently its perfectly healthy and normal for them do be acting as they are, because happy secure kids arent afraid to live out all and every one of their emotions. A distinct lack of playing up and whinging is more concerning apparently, as it means the ”issues” will lay latent and spring worth with a vengeance when they are older. Kinda the opposite to what I thought if I am honest, but maybe she was just trying to make me feel better haha.

So take heart mothers everywhere – having a terror child is a good thing! (?) I give up…


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