I am a little confuddled by this state of stress i find myself in. From a wholly selfish point of view, *I* have nothing to do for the big C that drawes near. The presents have been done for a few weeks and as I wont be doin any cooking (cheers mum and Mark) I am exempt from the challanges of food shopping. I must be soaking up everyone elses vibes. What a muppet eh.

In other news, Maias joints arent doin so well and we are back on meds- that dont seem to be doing so well either. The way it looks now we are due a visit to the hospital next week. Apart from the obvious reason for disliking this, it throws a spanner in the plan to have all my planning done before the new year so that I can have a complete week off as it were. But we know by now that life never goes to plan 😉

Anyhoo, its best I get on and do the tidyin so Im good to jump in the shower when Mark is back from the shops. If i can get myself half way to the glamness of the picture today, then this day will be even better. It feels like a good day already
, but it will be much more pleasant if I escape this state of scummy mummy!


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