A day with miss Maia







Being three years old must be pretty fab. You are carefree and oblivious to all the not so fun things in life and you get away with being what ever you want – like a pirate or a princess, doctor and even a complete terror to your parents. Fitting as many things in in one day as possible is the rule rather than the exception.

Maias imagination is wild at the moment. She lives herself into her roleplayin games completely and has a jolly good time of it. When she is in her princess mode,she speaks so softly and becomes a dainty little flower. Put her in her pirate get up, and she flings herself over and off the sofa as if she was on a ship rolling on the seven seas. She thrusts her foam sword with a firm and fierce “arrrrrr!!”  and runs away giggling when we feign startlement. Poor Lily has this constant bemused look on her face, like she is wondering what on earth Maia is really up to..

I love it. Its so fascinating and fun seeing her personality shine through. I think my favourite is when she plays families and she’s mum; and I get to hear back exactly what I sound like haha. Or even when she asks to have her hair like Pippi Longstockings and she seems to think its ok to be that little bit extra cheeky. Y’know, if you ask her what her name is, she will tell you its Maia Pippi! Little monkey 😉


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