an unexpected journey… the cinema is on the cards today – can you guess what film we are going to see??



Hmm what a piddly picture. Me and pictures arent having much luck lately. Im not using the camera as much as the phone is still such a novelty being able to use for photo-ops – and I have decided that I dont like mobileblogging and adding pictures because it just looks messy. <Done>

So anyhoo, a date with my beloved is what is happening today ( despite him coming down with man flu and sounding like Barry White has replaced him). I am childishly excited about the Hobbit! I stress the ”childish” as its very much a story that takes me back to when I was ickle (ok 10). It was my second day of school in the UK, with Mrs Murray, and the class book for the term was to be the Hobbit. I hadnt much heard the english language such as Tolkien writes before, and I can remember being wholly absorbed and mesmorised by the story. Infact, I can still now see, and hear, Mrs Murray perchin on her desk, green & navy tartan skirt with a white blouse and her hair scraped back reading to the class. Talk about being made up when one day we had an art project and we were to draw and paint Smaug with his hoard of gold! *wonderifmaybeihavethatsomewherestill*

Right well I havent the time to sit here and reminisce, I have nappybag to sort and toys to organise to take to Mormor and Grandads, I hope to have time to spruce meself up a little too, I mean, we are going on a date after all…





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