lacklustre livingroom

It is probably a sign that I have been home for faaaar too long. I have just been sat now in the living room, and had the most urgent of urges to pull everything out of the room and start again <sigh>livingroom1I will start with picture one. Fed up, of that unit, is not the word. It feels too bitty with two small bookcases like that. And the tv bench, far too easy to climb onto and fall off. Lily’s joker smile bruise came from here – infact, this item of furniture is where most of LIly’s bruises stem from. This Mamma would much rather have a pine dresser type thing there, with drawers and doors and pretty shelving above. Thus taking away the ability to climb and the piddliness of the bookcases. Those could go in the girls rooms and I could have a bookcase to match the drinks cabinet there in the corner.lr2

Number two. God where do I start!? That newly hung butterfly picture…I am not entirely convinced it wouldnt look better by the desk, shimmying over the bluebell pic abit closer to the large window. The window feels bare, empty and totally uninspirational. The curtains (oh I have issues with curtains at the mo) are ok, but I want fab. The ones on the bigger window are fab, they are linen. The flower on the desk isnt right. I want my hydrangea back, but I must face facts and accept I am rubbish at keeping them alive and I need to get a nice imitation one. I want a real one <sulk>. The white shelf needs taking down above the desk. It offends my eyes with its boringess, and after 9months I still cant bring myself to do something with it.livingroom3Ok, numero 3. A new coffeetable thankyouplease. But, reality of it is, there is absolutely no point getting a nice new coffeetable until the kids stop banging their toys on it and scratching it to hell. On the sofa I want the sheepskins back (being used in pram/sledge), another throw in the way of a chunky knitted light grey variety, some new cushions and covers to boot. And, really important and a need not just a want, is a new ceiling light to come down over the coffeetable. Never thought much about the lighting when we moved in in April, but now these winter months its apparent how not very cosy those spotlights are, and they actually never really get used. Dunno why I havent just taken them down??


Then there was 4. See how boring and uninviting the sofa looks <shakeshead> A sofa needs to look cosy, comfortable and inviting!!. My poor gallery wall…for 9months now you have been gaping empty (or rahter, feeling empty) I dont just want to bang any old thing up, and I am slowly starting to gather/take the pictures I want that I feel will fit. I just need the frames and a printer really. And a little time.

What I need, is a boost to the bank account, two weeks off, and a few trips to loppis and second hand shops and Ohlssons fabrics, and then I would be made up. Oh and Mio for my our new light 😉
Anyhoo, off to entertain the kiddies and rummage around for things that may be of use. The kids like involves pulling stuffs out of cupboards and what could be more fun!?


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