first day back


My good golly gosh, it is 6am and all the Wilson girls are dressed and ready to go (ok minus one face with makeup). Mr Wilson is already at the gym! I though it would have been a bigger shock to the system getting ready this morning after all the lazy lay-in and chilled out days of the past two week – it has been a real luxury having Mark off at the same time as me.

Today is teacher training day so it will be nice to get in to work and see the colleagues and get reacquainted with everything, it really does feel like forever since I was there…I wonder how I will feel after the summer holiday haha. I wish I was kick starting the new term with a little more vigour and enthusiasm, at the moment all the last weeks rubbish nights sleeping are taking their toll. Last night it took us both ages to get to sleep, I think we last spoke close to midnight, and by then we’d both been trying to nod off for almost 2hours…and I cant have a nap today either! OH EMM GEE but I have *really* gotten used to that, and could quite happily take a snooze from 11am with Lily each day. Very happily indeed!


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