Saturday, the weekend, Hallelujah! This week has been a pain in the bottom, what with 2 Wilsons with a sickness bug and the little M taking a trip to the hospital twice. The former, sounding worse than it was thankfully – first a quick check up and OK stamp on swelling of joints (there are none woop woop) and second seeing a speech therapist for assesing and recieving help to encourage Maia’s language skills to come on a bit better sooner. Being bi-lingual both Maia and Lily are expected to be a little behind with their speech as there is obviously more for the brain to take in. Normally, they wouldnt refer a child with the ”difficulties” Maia has until much later I was told yesterday, but they think a more pro active approach is best. Meaning, they dont wait until it really is a problem for Maia and it starts affecting her socially. Giving her help now, is to save her frustration later, and also helps us, to be able to help Lily better ourselves when the time comes. I like.

I am actually nippin’ into work today, we have open house for prospective students which will be fun. Its just hard to decide what to wear…Speaking of which, the past few weeks have seen escalating tensions of a morning when M and I are drawn into discussions about what to wear. She.Is.THREE.Years.Old – help me god when she gets older haha. As her father says, she must be her mothers daughter 😉

I have a feelin its going to be a good weekend, piles of ironing and extra work included. Depending on the birthday girl, there may even be a party tomorrow with the kiddiewinks, and socialising for us all. Cant moan at that =)


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