weekend round up

downloadAnother weekend comes to a close, and I am shattered. Long gone are the restful weekends of chilling out and doing what I please (partying has been out for a while too FYI) and you know what? That’s totally ok. The fact that work offers a certain respite to the daily timetable at home is kinda cool. Sure, I’m surrounded by ”kids” (by terms of definition of legalities) but they are very capable of feeding themselves, listen to what I say (well sometimes) and going to the loo without pomp & ceremony. I cant quite enjoy a cup of tea in peace and quiet and I am never really alone in either place, but each offers me something I need, want and enjoy. Win win and all that.

Speaking of loo’s, there’s another variety coming to see us tomorrow! It has been far too long since she graced us with her presence, and the fact that she is bringing some cream eggs just takes it all to a whole new level haha. Oh Louise…I ought to get to bed ‘cuz then you will be here sooner. Gotta love the logic in that 😉

So today,after a stubborn strop from Lily (resulting in a powerwalk in the sun to get her to sleep) we  spent the afternoon at Busplaneten with Linda, Patric and their boys. This was actually the second time the girls went this week, after Alex and his friend L took them on Monday afternoon. Lucky little girls we got. Lily didnt appear to overly enjoy it today, taking her blanket with her where-ever she went and grizzling the second I left her side. Bless, even though she was clingy she was extremely sweet and cuddly so mamma didnt mind all that much really 😉

I recons its time I hit the sack, and get meself some much needed rest. Speaks volumes when even my contacts are playing up and telling me its time to snooze. Apart from picking Lou up tomorrow I am also rather looking forward to doing my new hair in all its fabulousness. Being a red head feels as good as it looks! G’night!

new red hair



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