catch up

Time flies when you are having fun,
and when you are super busy. Busy isnt always fun, something I am sure I am not the only one to have concluded. Another thing I have noted ( again far from the only one) is how quickly the weekend goes – christ it was only just friday!?

The past few weeks have been so incredibly busy, and not with anything in particular other that life in general. Sure, this past week saw me pulling 3 X 12h days, but then that culminated to a fashion show and party at a club in town afterwards, so not a bad deal I guess. Getting in at 3am is just as fun as I remember haha, and the obligatory burger at the end of the night tastes just as good. In fact, this week I have been converted over to MAX for burgers, having never tried them before. No more Maccy D’s, Burger King, or van burgers when we are in Blighty…nothing can beat the king that is MAX. I cant believe I have been missing out these past 2.5years!?

Things are pretty chill this evening, and bedtime is nigh. Mark is already snoozing on the sofa, sleepy bear that he is. Speaking of sleeping bears, the kidlets have been sharing a room now since Lou’s visit and they absolutely love it. I have to say, that we too love it, as Maia has only come into our room once the past 10 days, whereas before she would be in near every night bless her. It is very cosy being all snuggled, but sleep quality just isnt the same which is a shame. Mark doesnt seem so keen on the idea of extending our bed to fit two little darlings either..but then again maybe that is the sensible thing to NOT do 😉

ps-please excuse the crappy grainy phone pics 😉


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