tick tock

ick tock, tick tock, tick tick tick…Time comes, it goes, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Y’know its three years now (ok not quite yet) that I got that boyfriend of mine down THAT aisle and got to call him my husband. Crazy stuffs.

Life, just like time, is tick tock’ing by quite nicely at the minute. Things are running smoothly, apart from Marks back that has been put out since monday morinng haha (poor bugger). Work is keeping me on my toes, taking the good with the bad, and it is now only 4 weeks left until we go on our study trip to Manchester. Excited much!? My poor bank manager wont like what it may do to my account…he’s already looking extra close at it as we have a rather large purchase in our sights.

Tomorrow lunchtime we are going to view a house. We’ve been umm.ing and aahhh-ing for ages whether or not to get our finances sorted so that if now come the summer (when most houses go on the market) we would know our limits and perhaps be able to strike if something crops up that takes our fancy. Lo and behold, if something doesnt just pop up anyhoo. Obviously! Its like a conspiracy, you try and be all ahead of the game and stuffs, and PANG then your so far behind your chasing your tail and shouting frustrations down the phone to an automated answering service on a call totally unrelated to the main topic at hand, but still an unnecessary necessity ( yes there really is such a thing in my world).

Ooooh I tried Sushi for the first time on monday! I have to say, not as yuck as I thought…but I am still not wholly convinced. Its a grower methinks. My waist is growing too from all the lush lush lush fika my students are making and bringing in. I really can get used to being treated to cupcakes, or brownies with a middle layer of Oreo biccies, or semlor or kanelbullar…which is kinda a problem. Getting used to naughtiness will do my poor clothes no good, so this shopping Study Trip to England is very well timed it would seem *highfive* No actually, one thing I am doing this weekend is getting a gym membership. Yes, I really am. Everyone’s keep fit antics are driving me nuts, and we all know how the saying goes…”If you cant beat them, join them!”


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