edit2 040About a month ago, we done something we never done before. We got our first totally child free weekend, ever.Two whole nights to sleep undisturbed, 2 days to eat in peace, Blissful!

Our friends have a house up in Tärnaby,a smaller ski resort up in the mountains about 5hours from here, and we were three couples making the great escape for the weekend. All eager to eat sleep and drink with no screeches to interrupt conversation, fights that needed resolving, and no chores hanging over head like an ominous cloud. Go figure the first night turned rather late fuelled by alcohol haha. C’mon, we just had to!
edit3 edit1

Waking up on the Saturday was at first a little strange, what with having brought our own bedding (with the smell of home obv) mixed with the  heavy silence of sleeping adults and morning after the night before feeling pounding in my head. A quick walk to the bakery for breakfast essentials and dessert for the evening, was the perfect cure to wake up. Once we had breakfast it was time to pack the bags with lunch, get dressed and head on up into them there mountains. Glorious!

Lunch was taco chicken with pita bread cooked on a Muurikka in a little fire pit dug into the snow. Y’know how everyone always says how nice a BBQ tastes because you usually tend to eat it outdoors? Or that food in general that is eaten outdoors tastes better? Well this beats down that in 0.01 seconds flat. Food atop a mountain with spectacular views, in the snow, with lots of degrees below freezing is the mutts nuts. Add a hot chocolate to that and you’ve got yourself a champion, not just a winner. Champion.

061 043
Once back into civilisation, the girls took full advantaged and had a little kip, leaving the boys to do dinner. Clever us! Dinner was yum, the wine flowing, but the fresh mountain air had rather knocked our socks off so it was a more chilled evening, and a perfectly acceptable bedtime that wasnt too early but not too late neither. We were wanting up early in the morning for another trip up the mountains, higher than the day before past the point where no trees grow. Exciting stuffs! Whilst we were getting the group photo done, two gentlemen looking well past retirement came skiing by, as you do, on crosscountry skiis. Must be rather refreshing being up there out in the elements with not much about to make a sound, and I am rather impressed at the levels of fitness I assume they must have to venture on up and over the mountains just as if they were taking a stroll in the park. They made it look that easy.

11119_10151525414823086_1492385124_nOfcourse, coming back home just in time to do bedtime routine and cuddle our lovelies was amazing, but I was surprised that I hadnt missed them as much as I thought that I would. Which I guess is a good thing. They had a blast with mormor and grandad, we with our friends, so we were all winners. Haha gosh it sounds awful saying I ”didnt” miss them, what I mean is that I wasnt pining for them every single second, and managed to relax and enjoy the weekend. And what a weekend it was! In short, we loved it.


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