half term

057Oh I do feel rather lazy today. Its monday, its 7.10am, and I am not even dressed yet. I have had the quickest of showers, but my cosy oversize jumper went on after rather than the days attire. As far from the normal monday stress as can be. Oh yea baby, Mamma is on half term!

Half term and celebrations all -round indeed, but there is work to be done. In fact, the sproglets (who are havin a cuddlefest as I type) are in nursery today, tomorrow and wednesday for a few hours to give me a chance to get ahead of the paper work game and save me time in the evenings and weekends when normal services resume. There’s also the small trip to the UK to get planning on, parents to inform about meetings, and lessons to be planned and made easy for subs to carry out for those days that I am away.

Both the girls have had check ups this week at the Childrens Centre. Lily has had her 18months check up and got a big fat OK stamp. Our littlest Darling is now 89cm tall, weighs 12.9kgs and took her jabs no tears and barely a flinch. Hardcore! I was more a wimp and welling up in anticipation of the tears haha. After Miss Maia’s check up its decided she is now to follow a milk free diet for a few weeks to see if her tummy feels any better…. Every time we go for check ups at the docs they like to weigh the kids, and Maia now stands at 106cm and weighs 17.9kgs. Thats 3.5cm since november! And Lily has grown 6cm since her first birthday. My little Amazonians ❤


Well now it is actually time to get going and get us off to nursery and getting on with work. I thought Id be all effecient and do a check list of things I would like to achieve this week in a vain attempt to coerce that extremely competitive person within me to get going and complete it. So here goes:

This week I will

  • Do the majority of paperwork (this can never truly be done completely haha)
  • Go to the gym TWICE
  • Go for a powerwalk TWICE
  • Paint my nails
  • Do the ironing
  • fix drawers in the bedroom

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