Oh this half term is not turning out how I wanted it to. I remember on Monday, when I wrote my list of To-Do’s, I got slightly panicky that Friday was really very close. Would I actually have time to do what I wanted? Be the super-mamma, domestic goddess and sultry wife? ..erm, that’d be a no. Quelle Surprise! When have I *ever* been all those at once?! 😉

Poor Lilypops has been struck down by a combo of teething and reaction to her jabs and a bad bad cold. She was flaked out all wednesday & yesterday, and we missed a most glorious day of sunshine. Not that we would have gotten very far or done overly much, but this time of year, VårVinter, is just glorious. I wish I could bottle the smell of the crisp cold snow and the warmth of the sun, the sounds of the birds chirping and water dripping from roofs, and the feeling you get from the warm rays that have been missing for months. But I cant, so you lot just need to get your asses over here and experience it.

Mark is off out tonight with the lads, and I am in a pickle as to what to do…sew some cushion covers,  go to the gym, gorge on sweets and watch the Walking Dead ( trying to overcome my fear of Zombies…not going great haha), or try this 30min Shred thing on youtube a friend has recommended. Or, here’s the craziest idea, I paint my nails and go bed. I have after all, been up since 4am with Lily *yawn*

Happy Friday & International Womens Day! ❤


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