Ok, i will be honest here. I have of late, been feeling rather smug. We, The Wilsons, seem to as a whole have been rather unscathed in this winter of stomach bugs, flu and general nasty lurgyness. Yes we have been caught, just not as bad or as long as others. Until now.

Lily is now a whole week into a fever that comes and goes…since saturday she seems ok day time, and once the time states PM, slowly but surely that temperatue starts rising. Buggeration. And if that wasnt enough, this mamma is in possession of one rather red, warm ear- if that isnt a sign of pending doom of  an ear infection I dont know what is…typical it happens just over a week before I am due to fly to the UK, so I hope it breaks out soon so I can get over it in time. Sigh.

So now i am dozed up on paracetamol, tea brewing and the tv helping me to entertain the kids. I think I may put Totoro or Ponyo on and cosy on down with the girls and let Mark do the dinner..he’s almost home now anyhoo


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