little terrors

oh jehezaz, I have been up for 5hours already. I think I can safely blame Mark, for waking Lily up when he got in this morning…haha oh how I shall make him pay once he rises from the depths of self-induced suffering of excess alcohol consumption. Mohahahaha!

What makes the whole darned thing worse, is that Lily was most certainly not up for being awake and in a most foul mood, and she was hell bent on not even having a cuddle on the sofa and trying to chill. No, no. It was all about running back and forth to the kitchen, opening drawers, slamming doors, hissy fitting and chucking dummies every-where, hitting out at me in frustration – i could go on.  It was almost, a little like a whole days worth of mischief squeezed into 2 hours, after which she had managed to wake both Maia and Louise.  I still have ears ringing from the screeching, but Lilypops is now happily snoozing in her cot and I hope she stays there a few hours more (just as much for her sake as my sanity, I promise).  Louise is actually asleep on the sofa too, bless her cottons.

It wouldnt be so bad, if it wasnt for my total brain exhaustion after yesterdays antics. Usually, they are quite forgiving, and only one plays up. Tag-teaming if you will. But yesterday, they were both at it. The girls are throwing themselves whole heartily into a major “lets-push-all-the-boundaries” phase, and they take no prisoners.  With Maia all conversations more or less involve wanting something. Or really NOT wanting something.

Me: ” Maia, please done bang your fork on the glass”
Me: ” Please, stop it now. You will break the glass and hurt yourself”
Me: *facepalm* remove offending objects. Then tell Lily off for copying. Little terrors.

……and you wouldnt want to bare witness to the phenomenal power struggle of a morning getting all the clothes on. Bring on summer!


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