the grass is greener…on which side?

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Well, well, well – being back in the UK doesnt quite feel how I expected that it would. It most certainly does NOT feel like I have been away for almost 3years. I imagine that may be more the case when we are down Devon in the summer, when we are back in a place that we know,

It feels rather sentimental being here, even though its the first time that I am in Manchester.    Just what I am sentimental for, I am not sure. If you can imagine having fled away from a relationship, that on a whole was quite ok, but you were enticed by pastures new – the grass being greener on the other side as it were, and actually finding it true in this case. Image having dissed her in the time you have been apart and made  something almost ugly about your past together. Imagine then, seeing her again, and all that you feel is the warmth and beauty of her. Those ills you have felt being unjustified and being left with a mixed flurry of emotion in your gut. You did love her after all. The time you had together helped shape and pave the path that you are on now, and you wouldnt be what you are without her. Feeling gratitude for the lessons learned, and the growing up together. Being grateful for what was, yet thankful you are where you are now instead. Like suggested, the grass really WAS greener on the other side, but the side you were first on was lush and full of life all the same.
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