Easter kick off

easterEaster 2013 has kicked off to a flying start! Ok…a little lazy right at the very start (ie yesterday) but today and our plans for tomorrow and monday more than make up for that..

Things have actually been pretty crappy this week. All the while whilst away in Manchester, I was on a constant carousel and feeling dizzy and nauseous, and it only got worse after flying back on monday. Finally, I bit the sour bullet and went to the doctors on thursday, where after a 20min check up it was concluded I was suffering with vertigo and Mrs Doctor wanted to sign me off sick. Thankfully, I am now on easter break, so here’s to keeping fingers crossed that it disappears before I am due back on the 8th.

So today then. An early start at 5.30am (thanks a bunch girlies) and some tidying, hoovering and moppin, and washing, had me fleeing for the sofa to lie back and keep completely.utterly.still. in hope to stop the world from spinning and to keep my breakfast down.  It worked, but its rather frustrating – typical that when we get the chance of 5days of together the 4 of us, this happens.

Anyways. The Wattses came over, along with ma&pa, littlebrother and uncle, and a fabulous time was had by all. The kidlets overloaded on sugar had a terrific time, at one point they resurfaced from the play room minus their clothes as they had decided that they were going to go swimming haha. Then it was running away from the big bad wolves (grandad and great uncle) and then they were horses running wild in the forests. Maia also tried her hand at some photography, and methinks she caught my new lamp in the living room rather well :
077I’ll make a photographer out of her yet. Infact, she is getting a camera for her 4th birthday. November may be far away,  but she’ll be that little bit older and understand and be able to take care of her things a little better. I hope. Not that we would be getting her anything fancy, but still. No fun to spend pennies on something that isnt appreciated or understood.

Right well its time for a cuppa and then bed; its rather tiring having vertigo, what with all the spinning and feeling like you may puke (which thankfully I havent). Tomorrow the JG’s are coming over and we are having an easter egg hunt in the garden, so one must gather ones strength. Its going to be so nice to spend another day with wonderful, inspiring people!


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