an off day

Today I have read blogs, read my book and skyped with Marks gran for hours. Nothing productive happening or remotely resembling getting the house back in order and the pile of ironing is still sat in the corner taunting me. And that is totally ok; an off day is allowed every now and then dont’cha agree?

 The whole kristallsjuka-thing is getting better, the constant nausea is gone and I am now left with a profound leaning to the right, or least it feels that way. The sun is shining too – almost guaranteed to get you in a good mood. Kinda hard not to smile this afternoon, after a throughly miserable start to the day (by way of the mood I was in). But hell, I cant keep at it as Its almost time for  me to go get the little ladies and head over to C & H for a play date and coffee.

So yes, sunglasses on , wellies on (well we do have a rather large amount of snow melting making things very wet) and a nice light coat ( byebye thick winter warmers) I am  now offski to get my lovelies! Toodlepip!


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