a matter of persuasion


“Hmm how I can convince Mark?”                     ” Perhaps if I flirt a little!?”                           ” Yea right haha”

Those in our direct vicinity, are aware of how much I dislike our tv unit thing. It was bought when we first moved here, so cheap and cheerful it was. Dont get me wrong, cost has nothing to do with it really. Its just that since having acquired my gorgeous pine desk, and fancy matching drinks cabinet it makes the Billy bookcases and Lack Tv bench from Ikea seem somwhat tatty. Flimsy, whimsical and dull. Uninspiring. Ghastly. You get the point.

Earlier, after having dropped the girlies off, and having been to the shop for necesseties, I popped by my old work place, whose next door neighbour just so happens to be a fab little secondhand shop filled with tempting wonderful things. I almost came home with a beautiful little lamp, but there was something else what caught my eye. Ok, two things really.

Firstly, a bookcase. A proper, sturdy, fitamillionbooksintoitandmore pine bookcase.  Perfectly matched to my our drinks cabinet and desk. Nice clean lines up along the side and pretty detailing over the top *wanties* Secondly, I spotted a small sideboard. Of course, complimentary of the desk, drinks cabinet and the maybe bookcase. Fabulous. Tall enough that little hands arent reaching to the tv pulling and turning it all ways, giving us minor heart attacks as to whether it will survive the onslaught. Also perfect height for little children needing to sit on the sofa to see, and not being nose to screen which is at the moment possible. Sigh. I know they are up for a bit or bartering, and I recon I could get the lot for 500kr- a sum sure to be surpassed by the buying of wood and paint in order to execute my other brilliant plan for the tv unit. A plan, that will inevitably cost time too.

Perhaps I can book them for a week, or least til after the weekend, and have a think before I seal the deal (or not as the case may be). Darn my impatience, I have just come round to the idea about building a little unit and I find these bargains…in the words of Winnie the pooh, its time to “think, think, think”


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