Dear Lilypops made morning at 4.45am, and as I have sacrificed my lie-in to Mark in thanks for the fab job he done with our new tv unit, I very grudgingly got up. We guard our lay-in with ferociousness such as a lioness guards her cubs, so tho it may seem an odd gesture to some, I may as well have thrown myself under a bus as to save him. And I do feel like I have been hit by a bus. As if the early mornings aren’t enough to kill off that gentle buzz of spring that creeps around my toes, putting that spring in my step, looking out the window at the snow heavily dancing down from the sky certainly does. Poor Sun, she worked so hard the past few weeks to melt away the winter. And yes, I am well aware that ‘bakslag’ at this time of year are the rule and not the exception and I am no naive foreigner. I am just wanting Spring – NOW. Like everyone else. Oh I am such a mardy-a$$ this morning haha.

I am by no means wishing my day away, I just know I will be very appreciative on when I get to curl back up under my duvet tonight and finish my book – and these pics just make me wanna jump into bed even more, and wake up to another day off, full of sunshine and breakfast on the balcony. C’mon spring & summer, I am ready (after I have had a sleep)!

pastel-blue-pink-white-bedroom hmprod-2-875x1024 76983474849889389_rxwybwfi_c 54324739224704967_k2hqluvc_c 2012_08_colorful-bohemian-bedroom-519342-475-475_large


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