finding a balance

catsOh what a jolly good weekend this is shaping up to be! Our weekend has kicked off with the mamma getting to drink some alcoholic beverages with the guys from work and staying out till 2am philosophizing, dancing and having a laugh. I have also learnt one very important thing – my new red pink dress is not good for dancing in, the material is just far too hot and not very dance-friendly which is a shame.

This morning I was surprisingly alert and upbeat considering the previous evenings shenanigans, and together with my friend S we went off to fix some bridal hair and make up, and we even pulled off a quick trip into town, where I treated myself to some new polka dot mugs. I really do have a thing for cups and mugs….

Tonight I am offski out again, social butterfly that I am. This time tho, a nice girly evening with jacuzzi and chilling out. It feels so good to be able to go out and be a little freer now that the girls are older. It does wonders for one’s well being, being to nurture all aspects of oneself, taking care of the mamma part, and Kimberley part, in order to be happy. Finding that balance hasnt always been easy, but now it feels like I am finally getting the hang of this.



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