lazy days

It’s a lazy start, to what I predict, will be a lazy weekend.
The sort of lazy where we lounge on the sofa, tv/radio humming in the background and playing with the kids. We cant escape the housework, infact there have been two loads of washing hung and some already put away. I’ve  had a nap, and Lily is now down for hers and Mark & Maia are fiddling and giggling over some photo app on his phone.

Alas, it sounds a little too good to be true, and it is a vain hope that the weekend will carry on in this hazy chilled out daze. There are two assignments to be marked from two different classes, and a theory test in need of grading too. Then there is some prep work for the last few weeks of term, and some deliberating to be done as to whether I will be a mean old hag and set some work over the summer holidays…Yes ok, I probably am off my rocker thinking that they will appreciate or even do what I set haha, BUT I’m thinking more along the lines of something that may actually be rather fun and inspiring for the autumn term and keep them wise and intuitive about their chosen profession. OK, maybe I am being a little idealistic. A smidge so.

Anyways. Little Miss Maia got herself a very nice surprise yesterday – as did I. Mormor and Grandad where one step ahead of the mamma and daddy. A lovely surprise with two wheels, a seat, handlebars and two pedals. All white & pink and splendidly perfect. Maia got her very own, first bike! Once Lily wakes and Mark is back (he’s now since I started dashed off to look at a work van in town), we’re off out in the sunshine and a trip around the block. Lily has grown into the trike we bought for Maia 2 years ago, so I can see the use of a pram diminishing ever so quickly this summer. Now that will be, after almost 4 years of constantly luggin one around,  rather odd indeed! Ooh and we’re hopefully picking up a new bed for Lilypops, the sort I originally wanted for Maia…eeeek I cant wait!!


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