I know, I know…We’ve only just finished one project, we have two in the garage (actually one, the second is still in storage at friends haha) a third may be here in a week and a fourth I have rather long term plans for. The fourth option requires some seed planting, nurturing, and more cash flow. I may sell items. I may sell two. For the pennies and the space. I am a little against re-vamping an item of furniture that we already have, because I think it is gorgeous the way it is. I just want another like it, in type but not look.

What do I want? A black vitrinskåp (display/drinks cabinet en anglais)


Now the two bottom pictures, is what our existing drink cabinet looks like, but its gloriously elegant in her beige pine, no yellowness in sight. So it feels rather wrong to go painting her white inside, black outside.

White I think, is something that will be staying around for ages, at least here at home. But the graphic contrasts of black and white add that little extra depth, contrast and interest. Its like a mix of shabby and industrial. A magnificent mix; all soft around the edges, with solid, reliable, age old romanticism, I’m all for a bit of  natural textures, mixed with metal, married with wood.

Oh dear…I wonder what husband will say when he sees this post haha


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