new additions

 am currently making good use out of one of our new additions; namely the fabulous chair you see above. I have the window cracked open, views of the sunset and tree tops and the smell of spring in the air. The twin to it, fittingly is in the lounge, causally against a wall inviting you to do just that – lounge. And then there is the third addition that moved in on sunday…the new coffee table made from an old cable spool, or whatever you actually call it in english (?!).
422024_10151643467303086_677494833_nAnd thus, my house feels ever more like my home, and I feel very pleased with myself. And my husband, for sanding and painting the new table and driving to collect our new chairs. This weekend coming he is sanding and painting Lilypops’ new bed, and after that, I think we can take a hiatus from homely projects. It really isnt very long now until we go to England, and I wouldnt want to leave with half finished projects hanging around, or indeed spend any money that is intended for our month away. No, no more projects. Anyhoo, now that we have daylight in abundance, its time to get back to playing around with the camera…


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