longing for summer

Today we bought ice-cream and ate it outside for the first time. Yum! Indeed, today has been  very much outside, I dont think we have spent much time at all indoors save to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I am exhausted haha. Lots of cycling, lots running, lots of swinging and lots of giggles.  Happy girlies went to bed, and a happy Mamma is heading there soon too.

Days like today make me long even more for Summer, which really isnt all that far away. I cant wait until our balcony is up so I can make it all lush and indoor-outdoor living – plenty of  comfy cosy seating, blankets, table, chairs, lanterns, fairy lights, flowers…what I really cant wait for is to have our own garden to do what ever I wish to, and not have to share with neighbours. Right now the girls have their swings, I’d like to have a sand pit and a slide too. One day. And one day, I will have my own piece of magic bohemian midsummer night dreaming inspired chill out area in the garden, where lazy summers days will be spent. One day..
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