all that is gold….

…does in fact, glitter. It glitters in my eyes at least, filling me with desire and making me want to sweep in S.W.A.T style in all the secondhand and vintage shops on town to get hold of gold frames, mirrors and lamps. Though lamps ( I actually only want one, maybe two), I can get any shape, size and colour and spray gold. I just yearn for the ornate detailing of beautiful elegant mirrors and frames…I am slightly infatuated.
antique-mirrors6f21d8080eb7f50a_8168-w548-h486-b0-p0--traditional-framesDont’cha just love the warmth that resonates from this picture? The soft, almost pastel gold working so well with the relaxing soothing grey? Gold can be a bit cocky and brash, but accessorized in the right way, I think it can add a touch of understated glitz and elegance, as well as a funky retro feel to any space.

Anyways, its back to reality I go and making my way to ma&pa’s without a pram or car in the pouring rain. Good one there- what was I thinkin!?


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