TPhoto_00132Little Lilypops is so sleepy this morning, and I suspect, teething. We’ve already had an episode of hysterical crying, with plenty of snot and tears, yet going to sleep is the last thing on madams mind and teething crystals dont seem to be doing much. Only Mamma will do!! But its ok, because I rather do like being all snuggled on the sofa! Miss Maia is with mormor walking Skye and going to the shops, and its lovely having some alone time with Lily ❤

My final year students have a big exam today, from 8am-5pm, and I’ve already been in to town to see them before they started their day – its a mammoth thing to be stood for that many hours with clients, with external examinators watching your every move..I think the way we were judged in the UK was much better! If any of them were to not pass or fail a certain element it will be because of  nerves, bless them.

I is  off out tonight to a gig, and I’m having second thoughts about wearing my dusty pink dress..its just not very rock and roll haha, but we are doing town after, and then its more suitable..hmm. Before that I may be changing S’s hair colour to pink too ready for this rockin’ evening – cant wait!  Always fun to get creative with colours. Just a shame that I have only just done mine, and its far too much towards the red end of the scale than copper. Oh well. Good thing with my hair is that it doesnt hold the red too long 😉

OH this post feels such a mess, but maybe thats because I have had to stop start seeing to Lily and I have now given her her lunch and put her to bed, and she is hysterical again, and my heart is breaking, I’m sweating, and there is a big ball of stress building in my stomach. This never gets any easier, ever, when it comes to hearing my babies upset.. =(


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