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oh lord I think I am about to go crazy – I am really, really, fighting the urge to dash to the shop before it shuts in 15mins and buy a load of sweeties. Soft, gooey, sickly sweet jelly sweets. A bit of Geisha chocolate, and even some liquorice for Mark ( I personally hate the stuff) because then I can kid myself that I am being a good wife and doing something sweet for him – no pun intended. Oh, and notice how my friend is still kicking around, red and rubbish as always. I think the Rudolph song was actually sung at one point last night haha. What lovely friends I have!?

Tonight, I feel restless, a sure sign I should have gone to the gym. Or maybe I am in overdrive after today. Its rather peculiar actually, that today I am filled with such energy that I have barely sat down long enough to drink a cup of tea and I was out last night, quite late, and having drunk enough to stop caring if I looked silly dancing.

So today then, I have washed, dried and put away three loads of washing. I have gutted and cleanend our bedroom, been out in the garden playing on the swings, gone out with the girls on their bikes, read a couple of books, tidied the living room, dusted, drunk 3 cups of tea, where 2 were almost cold, and done some prep work for work in the morning. Mark has cooked a roast, hoovered twice and washed the floors. He also made a chocolate cake with the girls this morning, just in time for lunch-fika. He’s  a good’un that one.cakebake
Oh, and I *DID* get to colour S’s hair pink yesterday, and Miss Maia ended up getting hers done too…made up she was! Spray on colours are the bees knees I tell ya! Quite amusing that when she woke this morning she was VERY pink in her face, the hair colour having rubbed off during the night hehe. I really do wish she would let me put her hair up at night, she has so much it must get rather hot with it all around her face?
Anyways, time I was off to bed – and what a lovely feeling it is going to bed with a nice tidy house to start the week


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