finding peace

129I cant say exactly when, but it was most likely in the car, singing (or maybe it was screeching) along to one of my favouite songs. And it wasnt an ”a-ha!” moment, just a quiet realisation when I was walking up the stairs to our apartment, that I got into the car at work in one mood, and got out of it at home in quite another. Oh yes, nothing odd there, quite cliched almost, I know, I know.

The past week/ week and a half, has been horrid. I’ve rang Mark up during work several times, almost in tears. I have felt resless, been unable to sleep, and felt incredibly out of sorts. A little bit of anxiety and stress mixed together in a not very pleasant combination. At first, I put it down to PMS, ‘cuz I get quite a bit like it leading up to the week, but the week is still 2 weeks away, so yea. I’m just glad I feel back to normal this evening, I think a good old chat with sis-in-law K done me the world of good, and speaking to Marks gran last night. Its like now, I have found that inner peace again, and my sensible head is back on and I know where I am. I dont much like feeling discombobulated…

Not much else to report, work is busy busy, not long now till we break up for the summer holidays and head over to the UK. Oh, and Im awaiting new contact lenses – that is rather exciting! Except, they were ordered over a week ago and they still havent arrived in the post, which sucks. The ones I have now are my last pair and I ought to have changed them like two weeks ago, naughty I know.

Right its offski to bedski I go, two hospital appointments with Maia tomorrow, eye check up and speech therapy. fun fun. There’s 2h between appointments so she’ll be joining me at work for a bit inbetween, always nice =)

Miss M at work with me last time she had early morning appointments at hospital =)

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