bedroom experiment

There’s a way things are done, and then there are ways things are done. I wonder, how many of you my dear British friends, whom have ever had that frustrating, annoying tug of war in the middle of the night with t’other half stealing the duvet? Or, maybe YOU are the duvet stealer? Here, at home with the Wilsons, we are both guitly stealers. This was never a problem, as we were clever to buy a duvet too large for our bedsize – but then we got a new bed, one that is wider than I am tall (I stand at 174 cm)…

bed sizeSo our bed was only 150cm wide, but we had a duvet that was 160cm. Nemas problemas! Mark was always close enough to cuddle up to and get back under the duvet should he win the fight (usually did as go figure he is stronger even when asleep haha)  We even had sufficient space to fit a 3 year old, alternatively a 1 year old in between us – mamma having to put pillow on the bedside table to fit. Now though, we’ve been missing 20 cm and that my friends, is rather alot, especially as in the depths of night we both quite like to hug the edge of the mattress rather than each other lol. And last night, I took to drastic measures….I went and got the single duvet from the bed in the play room.

Ok, ok – whats the problem I hear you ask? Well it rather feels like I am snuffin out the passion if I am honest. Or rather, the romantic notion of falling asleep intertwined in each others arms, those cosy moments just me and him hiding under the duvet talking about our dreams and fears, creating a warm little bubble of Our Space. Somewhere were only me and him go (and the occasional poorly child). Those moments, would be forever lost should we lose our common snuggle ground.

Scandinavian bedroomBut I do actually, think it looks rather cosy and inviting with two duvets. And just think of all the fun I could have with choosing new bedlinen! Already there is one of those posh valance sheets to buy to cover up the bed frame (or whatever they are called but like how the beds are made in the pictures 😉 ) and then I am padding out the headboard and covering it with a light grey material to give it a more plush look. Sadly, all this needs to wait until July when we are back from our escapades in the UK, but methinks we shall have fun experimenting in the bedroom until we find what works for us – one duvet or two!


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