2 firsts on a sunny sunday

my kitchen at present <3
my kitchen at present, from Instagram ❤

Its so nice, to be sitting here on the kitchen sofa, still feeling the sun warming through the window at 21.40.  Pretty cup next to me, kvällsfika in my tummy, and First Aid Kit playing on Spotify. The house is quiet, as well it ought be, after a long drawn out bedtime with an over tired  Maia insisting that she absolutely must sleep on her fleece one-piece when its 23C indoors. Its too cold apparently. Bless her.

I cut Maia’s hair for the first proper time today! It was a bloody awful experience, took 10cm off the bottom, levelled it all out so now her ”V” shape with those beautiful curls are gone…and her hair looks much thicker for it. How my baby is growing up!  It seems today has been brought two firsts- the hair cut, and going off to play with the neighbours. The neighbours are lovely, friends from nursery too which is handy, but its HER friends, made all by herself and not because Mamma & Daddy are friends the parentals first. I’ll admit that it was a rather weird, and somewhat difficult feeling to digest, seeing her skip off all happy. Negative as that sounds, its far from it. No, it was a case of not knowing where to put the feeling that was difficult, not knowing what to do wth something I havent experienced before. Its like the first time your baby smiles at you, the first steps, first anything – it stirrs up a feeling that you cant quite put your finger on.

Being in the neighbours garden, made me long even more for our own house with a private garden. We do have a pretty awesome sized garden now, but as we are renting, it isnt entirely our own, and becosting things like a playhouse or sandbox feels like a wasted expense when we arent going to be here forever. Sure we could move the playhouse, and a sandbox wont be *that* pricey with Mark being able to do it all himself, but still. If I am going to be spending money I want it to be to me and mines benefit, and ours only.

So guess what!? I now have a new project – but dont tell my dear wonderful (but long suffering) husband, he may well decide to be done with me haha, seeing as I did promise no projects ’til after our holiday. But yes, the garden is in need of some attention by way of more child friendly things to do. And obviously I already have a plan. Obviously.


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