zoom zoom!


Lordy lord, here we are, thursday already. I was only just waking up Tuesday morning?! Today I am home with the girls, both with a temp, and Maia with an awful cough caught from daddio. Typical, with so much to do at work, one of the hottest days of the year so far, and having been off poorly last week too. Sigh. Frustrating, not being feeling able to give the girls 110% of myself when they need me, as Im playing catch up with work, and the same goes for work too; I’d love to give it more time than I have to spare in my own time, to jut get things shaped up better, but I think I will just have to sacrifice some time over the summer to do it so I dont burn the candle both ends and end up broken lol. Being broken is no good for anyone!

Yesterday we had our last appointment at the Speech therapists, Maia , though perhaps a little late in her speech, doesnt really have any problems that we can work on. Her vocab range is fantastic for her age ( their words not mine 😉 ) and her ”issues” stem from common age related things and is nothing to do with being bilingual or not being able to understand. Its very common for multi-lingual kids to have delayed speech, and in general, they are usually a small step behind their peers until the age of 7, when they catch up and even sometimes get ahead of the game.

Anyways, I think I am going to go make a cup of mango tea, then cosy on down with my lovelies. A trip to the chemist is a must later, alvedon all gone now, so at least we will get a little fresh air 


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