life in the slow lane

mamma lily
Bloomin ‘eck! The month of May was wasted on illness, and we go into June the same way *sigh*. The last three weeks have seen at least one day a week at home with poorly kidlets or poorly us. Lily is on day 6 now of being unwell, and I have to say, the timing is impeccable. Work is still super busy – Im sweeping up the last bits of work that need doing in time for the end of year grades, and obviously, with this being my first year in teaching, its taking so much more time and effort than what I seem to have. Unhappy Mamma is an understatement.

But by the end of the week, I can start to relax somewhat, and then start to fret about our month long jaunt to good old blighty. 16 days and counting!

Life in the slow lane does not make for very interesting blogposts <ahem> Apologies for this most pointless post. Normal service to resume shortly!


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