Supermamma survived the day! and sneakpeak at the funky mirror on our new headboard aka summer project

Kaboom! Kablam! Mamma hit it up and tapped in dem grades like a seasoned pro today. And now I am utterly exhausted!! A combo of sleepless nights with poorly Lilypops (who is now back to normal) long evenings working (and being fooled by lack of darkness outside into thinking that its not so late) and now having a bothersome wisdom tooth keeping me up. Jeezaz, I must be getting awfully wise, else why would it hurt so much!? *grumble*

So yea, check out the new headboard…pretty funky/quirky with a mirror in it dontcha think? Random too, cant think of what purpose its ment to fill…?! But amusing as it may be to think about, the fact is that it is getting revamped. But I guess you probably guessed that already. Yup, once we are back from Blighty, I am padding it out and covering it with material because the shape of it is gorgeous. Maybe one day I will make life simple for myself and acquire something that doesnt need any work, but then where is the fun in that? It makes my things more my things, personal style and all that.

Speaking of fun, housewarming party and hitting the tiles with the guys from work tomorrow. I think we are all in need of a good blow out after the last few weeks so Im not expecting to feel so well on sunday, and I will probs suffer monday too knowing me..but what the heck- YOLO (god I hate that, why did I even write it? why?!) 

Anyway, bedtime for me, G’night!


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