the laundrette & ugly clothes


It looks like I am running a black side-line business in the form of a laundrette. Honestly, having lots to do work wise (but yay now for being on holiday!) , and sharing a washing machine with a family of 5 sometimes 7, means that washing quickly builds up…. Add in to the equation that a long family holiday is on the cards, and you have a littlest lady ourgrowing clothes like it was a sport, it is of no surprise that this pile up is of epic proportions.  Just the fact Lily is outgrowing clothes means washing the too small items so they are fine to store away or sell at loppis one day, and needing to wash the next size that has been stored for a freshen up. But, having stood at the ironing board for THREE hours last night, I just have two more loads to do before I pack, and sod the rest.

 From today until wednesday, the ugly clothes are on (you know, the clothes that hang in the wardrobe but serve no particular purpose to any outfit you have, kinda inbetween your normal clothes and  slouch about the house clothes!?)  The Girls travelling outfits all ready and waiting, and now its just a case of picking out the clothes to take with us before I put the rest back in the wardrobes. Yup, thats pretty much the task for today.

Time to get us dressed and ready for the day, need to pop to town & the dentist to pick up penicillin for my wisdom tooth that is still playing up – how fun. 




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