Our Summer part 1

My oh my, it really has been a while since huh.
Here was me, imagining lots of time to update, full to the brim with detail about our trip back to England. Edited pictures, the lot. Pah! How wrong I was!

Infact, we have been back almost three weeks now, and its only the last week that I have really been back online – even facebook and instagram have been lacking, and its been rather nice, to tell you the truth. But still, I cant leave our trip unmentioned 😉 Its time to dust off the keyboard and get back in the desk chair. This has been our summer….

My Summer Holiday started the 13th of June. School was out, the sun was shining and we had a week until the Big Trip. And as mentioned in the last post, that week was spent in ugly clothes, doing lots of packing and planning. And then THE day came.

We got up just after 4am, and woke the kidlets at 5.40 and headed to the airport. The flight to Stockholm was ok, to London fine, and the drive to Devon faultless. Over excited and over tired children whilst waiting at our gate in Stockholm put my nerves over the edge – I was convinced the whole flight would be one long tantrum, but lo and behold, queuing to board Lily dropped off and stayed relatively calm until the last 30mins or so when all she wanted to do was bash the chair in front and run up and down the aisle. Yippie!

1945We arrived thursday night suitably shattered, happy and very pleased to fall into Gran and Grandads open arms and the end of a long day. We noted how squishy the floor was, what with being carpeted and thoroughly enjoyed a proper cup of tea. Maia took to Gran & Grandad like it was only yesterday she saw them, but Lily took a bit more warming up bless her. But thats them two in a nutshell  😉 Friday saw the arrival of all the cousins and aunties and uncles. There was to be a party on saturday for Sarah and mines birthdays and belated fathers day.  My actual birthday I spent the morning shopping with Kerry and got some proper bargains. We scoured both the high street shops and the second hand stores and I was like the cat that got the cream. Sunday morning we went to Saltram House to let the girls all blow off some steam, they ran ragged and had an icecream before lunch – but if its the summer holiday, its the summer holidays. Most things go 😉

hen it was early to bed sunday, a bit of re-packing and being ready for 10 days trip to Scotland and Nottingham. But we didnt even leave the drive before the problems started – literally. The dear inlaws very lovely car, and a very broken handbrake so our mode of transport for our trip was gone. Hooray for car hire and spending lots of extra pennies on that plus the extra petrol. The in-laws car would have taken 3/4 tank of diesel to Scotland, and now the petrol hire car took 1 1/2 tanks. Great.

Meeting Wee Gee & Grandad was amazing. For spending so much time chatting in Skype, it was very familiar pulling up on the drive and giving them a squeeze IRL.  Again, Miss Maia acted like Wee Gee and Grandad were part of daily life, and Lily was quite happy (again) to let big sis pave the way and show it safe to come forward and not be shy. Teamwork!

There was lots of play in the garden, cuddles on the sofa and cooking in the play kitchen. Marks cousin Emma and her daughter Codi came over to play one afternoon and the girls all got on great. We also had a trip to visit Marks great aunties Bette & Greta and one of the Harrys – we were throughly spoiled with the selection of cakes on offer and we left feeling very fat and full hehe. After five relaxing, fun days, we steered south towards Nottingham and our 4 and abit hour journey took almost double the time…good start!
ur trip from Grangemouth to Nottingham was made cheerier by spotting the Yorkshire Tea vans on the motorway – something which, if you ask me, is a bloomin marvelous idea. I’d much rather have a cup of tea van than an ice cream van at the park if I am honest haha.

We took the kidlets to Sherwood Forest, which I think is almost obligatory what with it being so close. The day started really well, with us and David getting about 10 mins down the road and receiving a phone call from Nana, who was still left at the house – turns out we thought she’d gotted into Davids car, and he thought Nana was in with us... However, the whole Robin Hood thing was a bit lost on the girls, neither Maia or Lily know the story well enough to appreciate where we were, so they were just happy to be running around, eating our picnic and having some icecream at the end. Mark, Maia and I even got to try our hand at archery, Lily is a bit ickle still the man said so she missed out but didnt seem too bothered. We also went to Cresswell Crags and had a lush walk around the lake and gardens and tasty fika in the cafe.

Of course, we caught up with as many dear family members as possible, going out for lunches, over for dinners and plays in the park. The weather was on our side and we stayed an extra couple of days. Nottingham was a bit busier than our Grangemouth trip, but there were still plenty of chill out moments were we could just enjoy being together with those we love. Thats what Iike about going to see family; there arent any expectations or necessities, things are taken as they come, as long as we’re together, thats what matters =)
And then we were Devon bound…


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