There are many stages of grief, I have read. Most of us go through them all, without realising which stage we are at and when. Some of us skip stages, and others go through them in a very "unlogical" order. If even such a thing as a "correct" order can be applied. Our whole family … Continue reading Grief


To begin again

This is not the beginning, but it is a beginning all the same. Call it turning over a new leaf, starting a new chapter, or whatever you will - but this is it. It has been a long time since I did this, since I sat down and wrote. It is something I used to … Continue reading To begin again


Kaboom! Kablam! Mamma hit it up and tapped in dem grades like a seasoned pro today. And now I am utterly exhausted!! A combo of sleepless nights with poorly Lilypops (who is now back to normal) long evenings working (and being fooled by lack of darkness outside into thinking that its not so late) and … Continue reading done!