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Our Summer part 1

My oh my, it really has been a while since huh.
Here was me, imagining lots of time to update, full to the brim with detail about our trip back to England. Edited pictures, the lot. Pah! How wrong I was!

Infact, we have been back almost three weeks now, and its only the last week that I have really been back online – even facebook and instagram have been lacking, and its been rather nice, to tell you the truth. But still, I cant leave our trip unmentioned 😉 Its time to dust off the keyboard and get back in the desk chair. This has been our summer….

My Summer Holiday started the 13th of June. School was out, the sun was shining and we had a week until the Big Trip. And as mentioned in the last post, that week was spent in ugly clothes, doing lots of packing and planning. And then THE day came.

We got up just after 4am, and woke the kidlets at 5.40 and headed to the airport. The flight to Stockholm was ok, to London fine, and the drive to Devon faultless. Over excited and over tired children whilst waiting at our gate in Stockholm put my nerves over the edge – I was convinced the whole flight would be one long tantrum, but lo and behold, queuing to board Lily dropped off and stayed relatively calm until the last 30mins or so when all she wanted to do was bash the chair in front and run up and down the aisle. Yippie!

1945We arrived thursday night suitably shattered, happy and very pleased to fall into Gran and Grandads open arms and the end of a long day. We noted how squishy the floor was, what with being carpeted and thoroughly enjoyed a proper cup of tea. Maia took to Gran & Grandad like it was only yesterday she saw them, but Lily took a bit more warming up bless her. But thats them two in a nutshell  😉 Friday saw the arrival of all the cousins and aunties and uncles. There was to be a party on saturday for Sarah and mines birthdays and belated fathers day.  My actual birthday I spent the morning shopping with Kerry and got some proper bargains. We scoured both the high street shops and the second hand stores and I was like the cat that got the cream. Sunday morning we went to Saltram House to let the girls all blow off some steam, they ran ragged and had an icecream before lunch – but if its the summer holiday, its the summer holidays. Most things go 😉

hen it was early to bed sunday, a bit of re-packing and being ready for 10 days trip to Scotland and Nottingham. But we didnt even leave the drive before the problems started – literally. The dear inlaws very lovely car, and a very broken handbrake so our mode of transport for our trip was gone. Hooray for car hire and spending lots of extra pennies on that plus the extra petrol. The in-laws car would have taken 3/4 tank of diesel to Scotland, and now the petrol hire car took 1 1/2 tanks. Great.

Meeting Wee Gee & Grandad was amazing. For spending so much time chatting in Skype, it was very familiar pulling up on the drive and giving them a squeeze IRL.  Again, Miss Maia acted like Wee Gee and Grandad were part of daily life, and Lily was quite happy (again) to let big sis pave the way and show it safe to come forward and not be shy. Teamwork!

There was lots of play in the garden, cuddles on the sofa and cooking in the play kitchen. Marks cousin Emma and her daughter Codi came over to play one afternoon and the girls all got on great. We also had a trip to visit Marks great aunties Bette & Greta and one of the Harrys – we were throughly spoiled with the selection of cakes on offer and we left feeling very fat and full hehe. After five relaxing, fun days, we steered south towards Nottingham and our 4 and abit hour journey took almost double the time…good start!
ur trip from Grangemouth to Nottingham was made cheerier by spotting the Yorkshire Tea vans on the motorway – something which, if you ask me, is a bloomin marvelous idea. I’d much rather have a cup of tea van than an ice cream van at the park if I am honest haha.

We took the kidlets to Sherwood Forest, which I think is almost obligatory what with it being so close. The day started really well, with us and David getting about 10 mins down the road and receiving a phone call from Nana, who was still left at the house – turns out we thought she’d gotted into Davids car, and he thought Nana was in with us... However, the whole Robin Hood thing was a bit lost on the girls, neither Maia or Lily know the story well enough to appreciate where we were, so they were just happy to be running around, eating our picnic and having some icecream at the end. Mark, Maia and I even got to try our hand at archery, Lily is a bit ickle still the man said so she missed out but didnt seem too bothered. We also went to Cresswell Crags and had a lush walk around the lake and gardens and tasty fika in the cafe.

Of course, we caught up with as many dear family members as possible, going out for lunches, over for dinners and plays in the park. The weather was on our side and we stayed an extra couple of days. Nottingham was a bit busier than our Grangemouth trip, but there were still plenty of chill out moments were we could just enjoy being together with those we love. Thats what Iike about going to see family; there arent any expectations or necessities, things are taken as they come, as long as we’re together, thats what matters =)
And then we were Devon bound…


the laundrette & ugly clothes


It looks like I am running a black side-line business in the form of a laundrette. Honestly, having lots to do work wise (but yay now for being on holiday!) , and sharing a washing machine with a family of 5 sometimes 7, means that washing quickly builds up…. Add in to the equation that a long family holiday is on the cards, and you have a littlest lady ourgrowing clothes like it was a sport, it is of no surprise that this pile up is of epic proportions.  Just the fact Lily is outgrowing clothes means washing the too small items so they are fine to store away or sell at loppis one day, and needing to wash the next size that has been stored for a freshen up. But, having stood at the ironing board for THREE hours last night, I just have two more loads to do before I pack, and sod the rest.

 From today until wednesday, the ugly clothes are on (you know, the clothes that hang in the wardrobe but serve no particular purpose to any outfit you have, kinda inbetween your normal clothes and  slouch about the house clothes!?)  The Girls travelling outfits all ready and waiting, and now its just a case of picking out the clothes to take with us before I put the rest back in the wardrobes. Yup, thats pretty much the task for today.

Time to get us dressed and ready for the day, need to pop to town & the dentist to pick up penicillin for my wisdom tooth that is still playing up – how fun. 





Supermamma survived the day! and sneakpeak at the funky mirror on our new headboard aka summer project

Kaboom! Kablam! Mamma hit it up and tapped in dem grades like a seasoned pro today. And now I am utterly exhausted!! A combo of sleepless nights with poorly Lilypops (who is now back to normal) long evenings working (and being fooled by lack of darkness outside into thinking that its not so late) and now having a bothersome wisdom tooth keeping me up. Jeezaz, I must be getting awfully wise, else why would it hurt so much!? *grumble*

So yea, check out the new headboard…pretty funky/quirky with a mirror in it dontcha think? Random too, cant think of what purpose its ment to fill…?! But amusing as it may be to think about, the fact is that it is getting revamped. But I guess you probably guessed that already. Yup, once we are back from Blighty, I am padding it out and covering it with material because the shape of it is gorgeous. Maybe one day I will make life simple for myself and acquire something that doesnt need any work, but then where is the fun in that? It makes my things more my things, personal style and all that.

Speaking of fun, housewarming party and hitting the tiles with the guys from work tomorrow. I think we are all in need of a good blow out after the last few weeks so Im not expecting to feel so well on sunday, and I will probs suffer monday too knowing me..but what the heck- YOLO (god I hate that, why did I even write it? why?!) 

Anyway, bedtime for me, G’night!

life in the slow lane

mamma lily
Bloomin ‘eck! The month of May was wasted on illness, and we go into June the same way *sigh*. The last three weeks have seen at least one day a week at home with poorly kidlets or poorly us. Lily is on day 6 now of being unwell, and I have to say, the timing is impeccable. Work is still super busy – Im sweeping up the last bits of work that need doing in time for the end of year grades, and obviously, with this being my first year in teaching, its taking so much more time and effort than what I seem to have. Unhappy Mamma is an understatement.

But by the end of the week, I can start to relax somewhat, and then start to fret about our month long jaunt to good old blighty. 16 days and counting!

Life in the slow lane does not make for very interesting blogposts <ahem> Apologies for this most pointless post. Normal service to resume shortly!

sunshine and tea

I know it sounds cheesy, and I am sorry -but, today has been near enough perfect!
A lovely long breakfast together, a walk without tantrums or minor meltdowns to get Skyedog and then an hour at the park before lunch, a long sleep for Lily, me getting to sunbathe ALONE in the garden, dinner at the beach with 2/3 of the Wattses rather spontaneously and to end, a fuss free shower and bed time…The only thing that could have made this day better, would have been for the house to miraculously tidy itself up, and the washing to have ironed and put itself away.

On thursday I bought myself a new tea cup, or mug I suppose would be more fitting. I seem to have a thing for tea cups/mugs. Drinking from something that is aesthetically pleasing makes it taste better 😉  I hadn’t even intended on getting myself a new mug (seeing as I bought those 3 polka dot mugs just last month…), or new tea to go with it (mmm lemongrass!) or  even the feathered earrings that ended up in my basket too, but I was feeling a little sorry for myself having failed to find a flowery head band – silly really. The only problem I have now, is that I  intended to have this mug at work because its much bigger (and prettier) than what we have in the staffroom, but because of said prettiness, its now sat here with me at home *sigh*.

 The dream is, to one day have some open shelves in the kitchen, where I can have all my teas and mugs on display (and Marks own made coffee), where friends visiting feel they can just flick the kettle on themselves and make  up a cuppa as they wish.  I’ll go out on a limb here and admit that my choice in cups and the flavours of tea often – near always -reflects my mood, just the same way as how I get myself dressed every day. It drives Mark crazy how I can change up to 6 times some mornings, but if I dont ”feel” right in my clothes then I cant wear them haha. A girl needs choices in life 😉 Hmm.. all this tea thinking is making me hanker for one, so I think I’ll call it a night here. That washing wont hang itself either so I best get to it

bedroom experiment

There’s a way things are done, and then there are ways things are done. I wonder, how many of you my dear British friends, whom have ever had that frustrating, annoying tug of war in the middle of the night with t’other half stealing the duvet? Or, maybe YOU are the duvet stealer? Here, at home with the Wilsons, we are both guitly stealers. This was never a problem, as we were clever to buy a duvet too large for our bedsize – but then we got a new bed, one that is wider than I am tall (I stand at 174 cm)…

bed sizeSo our bed was only 150cm wide, but we had a duvet that was 160cm. Nemas problemas! Mark was always close enough to cuddle up to and get back under the duvet should he win the fight (usually did as go figure he is stronger even when asleep haha)  We even had sufficient space to fit a 3 year old, alternatively a 1 year old in between us – mamma having to put pillow on the bedside table to fit. Now though, we’ve been missing 20 cm and that my friends, is rather alot, especially as in the depths of night we both quite like to hug the edge of the mattress rather than each other lol. And last night, I took to drastic measures….I went and got the single duvet from the bed in the play room.

Ok, ok – whats the problem I hear you ask? Well it rather feels like I am snuffin out the passion if I am honest. Or rather, the romantic notion of falling asleep intertwined in each others arms, those cosy moments just me and him hiding under the duvet talking about our dreams and fears, creating a warm little bubble of Our Space. Somewhere were only me and him go (and the occasional poorly child). Those moments, would be forever lost should we lose our common snuggle ground.

Scandinavian bedroomBut I do actually, think it looks rather cosy and inviting with two duvets. And just think of all the fun I could have with choosing new bedlinen! Already there is one of those posh valance sheets to buy to cover up the bed frame (or whatever they are called but like how the beds are made in the pictures 😉 ) and then I am padding out the headboard and covering it with a light grey material to give it a more plush look. Sadly, all this needs to wait until July when we are back from our escapades in the UK, but methinks we shall have fun experimenting in the bedroom until we find what works for us – one duvet or two!

start of summer

IMG_0821Another week has zoomed right by, quicker than quick. Before I know it, we’ll be sat on that plane, London bound for our month away in the UK. Crazy stuffs.

Thursday night I went for a walk with L, a good two hours which left my left little toe  a throbbing bulging blister, and still having aching feet this morning. I even made a little half hearted attempt at giving myself a foot massage & pedicure last night, but its made no difference lol. Oh well, least I tried.

Something else we tried, was to have our first bbq of the season. It was the first proper lush day of the year (not counting the cooler seabreeze that hijacked us occasionally) so it was pretty much a given that dinner would be eaten outside. And my giddy aunt did it taste good! Food always does, when eaten outside. If we had our balcony up, breakfast would have been eaten outside as the thermometer already stands at 19C, and I cant tell you how excited I am about putting dresses on all the Wilson girlies! Smal trip to H&M for new sun hats is on the agenda today, and perhaps a few flowery hair accessories will slip into the basket – totally feeling the flower power vibe this summer, but more boho chic romantique than the 1960’s.

Eurovision is on the agenda for this evening with fabulous company and maybe a glass of chilled rose. Me like!

start of last summer when the Cracknells were over - not long til we see them and we're hangin on Devon and Cornwalls beaches =D

start of last summer when the Cracknells were over – not long til we see them and we’re hangin on Devon and Cornwalls beaches =D